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What Is WordPress, Anyway. (2)

This allows you to send as many, or as few, emails as you would like when a user registers. In case anything catastrophic happens to your websites, like a cyber-attack that takes it offline, you can freely restore your site and minimize its effect. And then, you need to link the new installations to the old database, and the old “wp-content” files like themes, plugins, and more, speed up wordpress if you have.

  1. A collaboration tool to

    empower teams to collaboratively draft, edit, and refine documents

  2. Find the plugin folder you wish to remove then right click on it and select delete
  3. Medium Technical Knowledge Required
  4. Install WordPress locally on your Windows PC
  5. Dribbble portfolio

Google Drive WordPress plugins, we hope you have understood each and every aspect of this article. The second way is using the cPanel control panel, where, you need to have a backup of your database, and the “wp-content” folder that includes your uploaded photos, plugins, and themes that you want to keep.

After that, you need to install WordPress for the same domain name, using Softaculous, or any other auto installer software. The plugin auto creates media library category based on Google Drive folder name in a well-organized manner. It allows you to auto insert your Google Drive files into your WordPress media library.

Moreover, WP media plugin has shortcode button, you can insert shortcode to embed Google Drive file directly from your post editor. All options are configured with the help of shortcode available in this plugin. But, you need to keep in mind that the first option lets you re-install your blog from the WordPress dashboard, that’s easy and will help.


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